Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm craving Korean...

Sometimes I really don't like living in the Twin Cities... It's nice most of the time. I still get my cable channels, High speed internet, and I get my paycheck. But sometimes... that's just not enough. Especially when I have a craving for Asian food...

My family was in town last month (yea... for basically 3 1/2 weeks....) And I decided to try out some Korean places with them, just to realize what a big mistake that was.

Mirror of Korean on Snelling Ave in St. Paul? Don't go... $17 for ONE yellow fish, and $13 for a plate of semi-warm thinly sliced Gal Bi, that supposed-thick-and-juicy-beef-short-ribs... $1 extra for each bowl of rice... a Total of $50+, with the 3 of us going home hungry... and very disappointed.

Then, I realized the's yelpers... are really bunch of BS-ers. Bet they have never been to Korea and eaten authentic Korean food when they recommended this place on Yelp, and gave it a 5 stars for authenticity... huh!

My current pet peeve: stupid people who can't taste food! That's a sin, almost, since no drinking is involved.


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