Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thai Thai Thai Thai

Please pardon my blog title: "Thai Thai Thai Thai"?? maybe I should change it to "Sawadika~" as in Hello in Thai language. Sawadika Sawadika~ reminded me of the Thai tourism commercials...

Lily and I went to the Bangkok Thai Deli yesterday for dinner. Man, that place is not just your "hole in the wall"... I almost thought I'd get infected with some bird flu H5N1 or now the popular pig flu H1N1... Just located as an open
"deli" among the Thai video renting stores, some even more odd looking Thai bakery,and the funky smelling grocery store...

So we sat down, and ordered my two favorite Thai dishes: Tom Yum Gong soup and beef with basil. Lily suggested another of her hometown favorite: Three-lined pork with Chinese broccoli.

Three lined pork and Tom Yum Gong soup Three lined pork again, and beef with basil.

(and note that weird Asian looking chairs and deco behind the food... LOL)

Yumm!!! I wasn't very sure what Three-lined pork was before today. Apparently it's just a different name for "five flower pork" hahaa.... like that really helps explain things... Three lines: pork skin, pork fat and pork meat. Deep fried till crispy then stir-fried with basil, red bell peppers, Chinese broccoli and Thai chili peppers. For those pork lovers like me, that three lines are so concentrate with flavors, Thai sweet basil and super concentrated spices!! oh, it was so spicy, especially the soup. I must have eaten a spicy pepper with the soup. My tongue was burning and lips were swollen... Good that Lily was talking, so that I could have some time to sip some ice water before me started talking like a cartoon character...

So after the nice and spicy and exotic Thai "deli" dinner. I was ready to re-make the dish and give that Thai in me a little try.

Thai Basil Beef
Sweet red bell pepper x1
Thai sweet basil bunches x3
Sliced onion x 1/2 (Because I don't like onion... I always try to use as little as possible...)
Jalapenos x3 (should have had more... I like it SPICYYYY! can also use Thai chili peppers, but kinda hard to find and I was lazy)
Ground beef x 1 pound

Oil the pan and fry the ground beef till brown. Drain the beef juice. Add garlic and onion into the pan. Stir fry slightly then add the sliced red pepper, jalapenos, and basil leaves. Add ground beef back into the pan. 2 tablespoons of fish sauce, 2 tablespoons of soy sauce. 1 teaspoon of sugar. Done!

Enjoy. Sawadika!


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