Monday, July 27, 2009


Boss came into town today, so we suggested going to Redstone in Eden Prairie for some get together dinner.

First off, the waiter just plain out ordered me a martini with me having no chance to object:
"oh, you will definitely like our lemon blah blah blah martini, it's very fruity and you'll like it. Do you want to start with that?!".... Mmmmm okay.... so quick that I didn't even get to listen to that name of the drink....

I ordered the Parmesan Crusted Halibut. To be honest, I'm not very impressed. I think the drink menu and the wine list are more their specialities than the so-called Grilling. OH, on top of their mid-age divorcee hang out scene. Well, their French Onion soup was pretty good though. I like the baked cheese and all that.

The rest of them ordered the 9 oz steak (Jeeezzzz 9 oz!!!!) and pork chop.
Pork chop: light pink inside. I thought those medical shows have been telling us how uncooked pork could give you tape worms... Maybe that's they way of dieting... Eating uncooked pork?

I wish I have taken some photos with the dishes etc. But that's kind of embarrassing to do in front of your co-workers and especially your boss.

At least I don't have a huge DSLR doing Macro on the food... That will really freak them out. LOL.


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