Sunday, January 31, 2010

Yum! is getting bigger and bigger!

I have blogged about Yum! when I was there over the summer time. I like to just sit down on a sunny day, with a cup of good coffee, a small dessert or a salad and enjoy the sunshine as it beams through the big floor windows. That is what I called a good summer time. And if it's not too hot or humid, sitting outside definitely adds some charm to a nice summer day too.

But in Minnesota, summer is way too short. Luckily, I like winter equally as much, and I'm still able to do the same thing and enjoy the same sunny day as I do in the summer time. Just that, instead of green grasses, I'm staring at some mile-high snow banks and even some grey slurpees. And I still get to do that at YUM! But this time, Yum! is getting more and more packed and busier than ever!! 

tuscan chicken salad
[grilled chicken breast, bacon, blu cheese and pine nuts on romaine w/ sweet & spicy vinaigrette]
Yumm!! I especially love the addition of pine nuts! I'm not so much a blu cheese fans, but this was the perfect amount of it, and paired it so well with the sweet vinaigrette! And believe it or not, it does have a spicy kick to it!

yum! cheese - steak
[house roasted beef, sliced thin w/ caramelized onions, peppers & cheese sauce]
I just looooove to stare at those melty cheese and mouth water juicy beef. It looked a bit messy to tackle, but I'm sure it was a delicious tango with the dripping cheese and tender beef!

salmon couscous salad
[atlantic salmon on romaine w/tumeric infused couscous, cucumbers, tomato, red onion & fresh dill w/ yogurt dressing]
I never really like cold grilled salmon. But I guess it wouldn't really make sense to have a hot off the grill salmon fillet on a bed of couscous and lettuce salad either. So, I have to agree with this serving style. This definitely looks like a very refreshing summer dish.

I really enjoy YUM! And I do plan on visiting them often. It is such a cute, clean and fresh casual eatery that no one could resist. From their simple basic bakery to their fancy schmancy menu and seasonal decorations, it is all very attractive. No wonder it has attracted more and more customers and a bigger and bigger crowd. Yum! Thumbs up!


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