Monday, November 16, 2009

Loring Kitchen and Bar

Loring Kitchen & Bar

Loring Kitchen & Bar

I honestly have no idea when this place opened.
 I drove by this place so many times, yet I never noticed this restaurant right under the Eitel apartment building. Maybe I have noticed the place: with some high-class dudes sitting next to the windows, sipping some early morning coffee, while I was driving away from another night of hang-over. (-__-")

Appetizer: Lump Crab Cake

Too bad I felt too cool to be carrying my camera around, and I ended up using my cellphone for a shot of the lump crab cake. Pardon the poor picture quality, but the lump cake was quite moist and delicious. The cream sauce was a right touch for the crispy and crusty crab cake.

Entree: Pizza of the day
It was the Southern chicken, with corn salsa and cilantro sauce on a flat bread pizza. Good mix of ingredients and flavor. Just that it's a little dry, not saucy enough. Yes, flatbread crusty pizza can't have too much sauce on it, but this one needs just a drop-ish more to enhance the flavor. And maybe easier to swallow...?

Loring Kitchen and Bar has the uptown/downtown/loring park type of atmosphere. Dim candle lights, bar seats and a nicely-tended bar with shiny glasses hanging down. Serving the class bar drinks with a specialized wine menu for a nice pairing with their own specialities. Dinner was great, but their breakfast menu also sounds pretty attractive. If I ever make it up early enough for their breakfast, the Basil Tomato Omelet would be my pick.

Say Hello to Loring Kitchen and Bar! And to their Manhattan and Mojitos!


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