Sunday, March 8, 2009

Beef Wellington Deconstructed

It was Kayla's birthday Monday night. Bunch of us went out to Uptown Minneapolis for a nice dinner. I have had some pasta and pizza in this restaurant before with Bing when he was out here visiting me. They do have some very seasonal dishes, such as Heirloom tomato dishes during the summer etc.

That night, I really felt like having some nice steak, and the Beef Wellington was very appealing to me. It said, "deconstructed beef wellington oak grilled choice beef tenderloin, mushroom duxelles, fois gras butter and truffled asparagus". Sounds kinda good, doesn't it? Especially with words like "duxelles", "fois gras" and "truffle". Made me long for a taste of French in this Minneapolis restaurant.
So I ordered away. Yet.... I was so disappointed. I mean... look at this. "decontructed" as in the pasty on the side, and not wrapped around the beef tenderloin? I felt like I just got fooled around. This is NOT the wellington I have in mind. Bing left me a message saying how hard it would be to cook a medium beef wellington, and how much skill and effort is involved in controlling the temperature and making it just right. And look... here we go, a lazy version of Wellington... Then I could technically make it myself. Just buy some prepared pastry, grill the beef to medium and side with some greens. Then I can call it "Angela decontructed a Wellington". Ha!
The Wellington I had in mind was the one shown on the Hell's Kitchen. With Ramsey yelling and cussing in the kitchens, bunch of overweight stupid chefs and tons of burnt or bleeding Wellington. And here, that's Wellington done right.
His voice is so sexy... LOL


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