Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Long Long Long overdue... Spill the Wine

This is not just some delay. This is some MAJOR delay. Long long long overdue. One month? Two months? no, 6 months... One summer ago.

It was a hot, humid, breezy weekday. Nothing like what it is today. Traffic was crazy, since everyone was out and about, cruising around town, tasting a piece of summer. It was probably early evening already, 6 pm-ish. But the sun was still shinny strong. Shorts, t-shirts, flipflops. Summer in Minnesota.

Spill the Wine Restaurant, Minneapolis, MN

Spill the Wine: it was opened sometime in May 2009. Located on Washington Ave, right across from the Guthrie Theater. I wouldn't be surprised for them to absorb all the busy theater traffic. When I was there during the summer, they were having this wine club special. Pay a certain monthly fee, go into the restaurant to try a different bottle/glass each time. This is definitely a fun way to try different wines for a fun night out. Summer night that is.

Poached Pear Salad
poached bartlet pear, pomegranate molasses, goat cheese and vinaigrette over baby field greens

Pesto Chicken Pasta: Very refreshing indeed. Simple recipe but the ingredients are fresh.

Potato Gnocchi: with spinach and cream sauce. I have always love gnocchi. Mixing with fresh spinach and cream sauce, topped with fresh grated pepper just makes heaven easier to reach...

Maybe I should go in for their Wine Club? Who's game?


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