Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Bravery and 112 Eatery

I'm not sure how popular The Bravery is. They are this type of alternative rock band, that I would think that they are very similar to the Killers. The Bravery actually opened for U2 for their world tour. And I definitely like their music, the beats and the effects. Thank you Shan Pin for introducing them to me and getting the tickets to the concert. And sorry that I didn't scream enough, but I did have a sore throat the day after... LOL

An Honest Mistake: my favorite song and my favorite video (sorry, couldn't find a clip that allows Embedding...)
And I'm sure they did go through quite some style change over the course of 4 years. Because Mike H. aka dirt, the bass player, is so freaking hot these days!!!!

Concert was great. And dinner was also great! We went to the 112 Eatery in downtown. It's only a block away from the Fine Line Music Cafe, where the concert was.

112 north 3rd street
minneapolis, minnesota 55401

isaac becker / executive chef
dennis leaf-smith / chef de cuisine




SUNDAY   5 PM - 10 PM

Full kitchen service until closing.

(I'm not sure if I've violating any rights here. Just drop me a note if I'm and I'll remove it)

If you have clicked on the link for 112 Eatery's home page, you would know that they have been nominated for that old dude's award: James Beard ( sorry Mr. Beard) Foundation. Aspiring chefs and traditional Italian menu-- great combination. The restaurant setting is your usual "high-class-wannabes" setting: super dim candle lights, brick wall buildings, and some vintage decorations. It has two floors, and reservation is highly recommended. We went around 6-ish, thinking it shouldn't be too packed around that time on a Saturday night. But all they have left was the bar seats for us, and the entire restaurant was booked out till 10pm... And when we left, there were still people waiting for the bar seats.

The menu changes every night, with some favorite dishes remain on the daily menu. No such thing as Chef's special, because everything is the Chef's special for the daily menu... haha. Yea, the waiter actually told me that "No Chef's specials, it's all on the menu." LOL

Appetizer: Truffled Oyster Mushrooms with Scallops.
Scallops... scallops...scallops... I hope I don't have to say it anymore to make you realize how MUCH I LOVE scallops. Man, scallops...scallops...scallops... I Love You. They weren't cheap with the truffles. You can actually see and taste them. Add a bed of rice, this could easily go as the entree. Very nicely done.

My entree: Stringozzi with Lamb Sugo
I honestly aren't very sure what stringozzi is, till today. Something like a really thick version of your typical pasta. It's chewy and very starchy. The lamb sugo sauce was excellent. I am not a big fan of lamb, and I didn't know why I would order lamb to start with. Some superior force was pushing me to order it, and that wasn't Shan Pin or the waiter. (Even though they did push me to order to larger portion... way to gain more weight) Since I'm not a big lamb fan, the lamb sugo was just perfect. Shredded lamb meat with pasta sauce: wasn't too strong and just enough meat/texture and flavor to go down with the starchy and chewy stringozzi.  

Shan Pin's entree: Seafood Cutlet with Leek Relish
I haven't had leek in such a long time. That seafood cutlet was amazing. Layers of seafood and breaded like crab cake, with a creamy sauce and leek on top. Petite entree, but intense flavor. Yea?

A very good experience overall. Decently priced for the food and flavor. Just around $30 each for this dinner and a glass of wine per person.  It's nice to know they do have good places in Minneapolis! Next time, I'll want to try the duck salad. Yum!


shanpin said...

I think the waiter was telling you to do the half and I told you that the full is probably what you want...
Next band - The Metric.

kisskissangela said...

No, next band: Kanye West. <3

Lance said...

You need to go back with the S90, oh and try the Parmesean Gnochi.

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