Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Spicy Seduction... 麻辣誘惑/ Ma La You Huo aka China Jen

Don't laugh. Don't laugh. but... Muhahahahhahaa!!!!!!

The Spicy Seduction (麻辣誘惑) is the literal translation of this Szechuan restaurant in St. Paul, MN.
Spicy Seduction... what kind of name is that. But let's say, the owner's wildest imagination only comes in Chinese. The English name of the restaurant is actually China Jen. So, still China Jen... The owner gotta be somebody named Jen, and well. she's from China.

As involved as I am with the Chinese culture, I have no sense about what's Hip on the other side of the world. Apparently, people are getting major buzz from this website:
Kids, mainly overseas international students, are gather on this website for tips and info on living aboard. Pretty impressive website, as in the amount of information you can find there. I can't say I feel very connected with the website. Way too much information for me to digest, in a language I'm no longer very familiar with... seems to be a better fit for me. Yes, Canto please.

Two of the dishes mostly recommended by the buzz from

Sauteed Shrooms. (yea, shrooms. I like)
I like mushrooms, but this dish is just... too plain. How can they "recommend" a sauteed mushrooms dish? I thought there would be something more to the shrooms dish, but it's really just... shrooms?! Regular mushrooms, oyster mushrooms and the japanese mushrooms, which name I don't know in English. So, yea, just a big dish of shrooms with some chili peppers.

Spicy fish. Gosh, I just don't know how to translate the name of these dishes. Spicy fish. That's just as lame as the Spicy Seduction name itself. Maybe it could be called Spicy Boiled Fish. Still, these names do not relate to the dish at all. Tilapia fish in million spices and peppers.
All you see are the peppers huh. Where's the fish?!

Spicy Seduction... I don't think I'm that seduced...


黄莱安 said...

Your comments reveal the fact that you are not well traveled and know nothing about world or Chinese cuisine. How about learn the topography of the subject before slandering one of the few decent traditional chinese restaurants in the twincities. If you need satiation in an environment that offers false intrigue there are plenty of McChina buffets for you to get plump at.

kisskissangela said...

Thank you for your comment. I'll give this restaurant another try. And if you have any special authentic Chinese restaurants, please feel free to drop a note and recommend to me.

Here's some more comments from other Mala Youhuo diners:

Different people appreciate different things.

KK said...

Wong: get over it. just go admit some chinese restaurants are shit. just like some italian rest. serves crap in the US.
If you cant admit sth from ur culture can turn out shit, go live in a tree- that's where you belong to.

btw, some of those dishes does look pretty McChina buffet.

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