Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Mount Fuji in Uptown

Woo, another delay post. Life has been super crazy and I am not quite keeping up with it! That's the negative side of taking vacations, you just ended up with more work with less time. I need to reconsider vacation time... Especially if I knew I'd be catching a cold during my vacation, I should really reconsider taking vacations. (not like I have that many vacation days to start with... and I had to be sick during my only vacation!)

Thanks for nice friends picking me up from the airport after my 15 hours of flight coming back from China and Taiwan. Tons of good food there, and I have yet managed to post. I don't even know how to post them. There are so many pictures, so many different cuisines, so many different dishes. I really don't know where to start. But let's re-focus! The first meal I had after coming back from Asia, was again Asian food: Sushi at Mount Fuji on Hennepin.

Hot Sake at Mt Fuji. I am not a big sake fan. It is a little bit too strong for my taste. Thus, I didn't quite have the motivation to visit Moto-i, which is the sake brewery on Lyndale. I have heard many good things and reviews on good sake. But thus far, I am not super interested in them. Nonetheless, alcohol is still alcohol, and after a couple glasses of sake, they all taste the same. :p

Lobster roll: The baby lobster shell was quite nice. The whole roll was very well presented, actually, all rolls we ordered that night were very well presented. Sushi was at the right bite size. Nothing like the giant roll that won't fit in you mouth... It's annoying to be eating those sushi rolls. I wouldn't be expecting much lobster coming out of this lobster roll. The lobster was battered fried, and this pretty much was another shrimp tempura crunch roll. With the extra non-edible lobster shell that is.

Spicy Girl Roll: Spicy tuna inside with spicy salmon on top, mixed with tempura crunches through out. One stone two birds. I love spicy tuna rolls, and having spicy salmon on top is just a dream combination. Not like you can really taste the difference between the two fish after mincing and mixing with Siracha sauce, but it's overall a good idea. Just a lot of spicy fish, and I just can't say no to that. :)

Black Dragon roll: Eel, cucumber and avocado inside, with whole piece eel on top. They gave a very very thick piece of eel. For those eel lovers, this is definitely money well spent. I haven't been to a sushi restaurant where they serve you this thick a cut of baked eel for dragon roll. And look at the presentation! Those eyes (octopus?) are staring right at you as you eat! 

Uptown Roll: Spicy tuna and avocado inside, wrapped with salmon sashimi. As recommended by the waiter, it is right that this is a heavenly roll. No rice, no seaweed wrap, just a mouthful of spicy tuna and salmon sashimi. It literally melts in  your mouth. No soya sauce or wasabi needed, just the chef's special ponzi sauce was a good dip for this sashimi mix. I don't think this should be categorized as a roll, more like a sashimi plate. A very good use of spicy tuna and salmon.

And of course, how could we not order calamari when going out with Lily? You shouldn't be surprised anymore. As long as there's calamari offered on the menu, it'd be on our table. Regardless what type of restaurants we are in.
Fried Calamari: Tempura battered of calamari rings. Calamari were cooked a little tough. It tasted like it was just frying some already overcooked calamari. The tempura batter didn't do the trick on this tough chewy calamari. 

Overall a nice experience. They also offers Hibachi, the type with a chef playing and demonstrating flat top cooking in front of a roll of customers. We went for the happy hour menu, and it was a very good deal. With all the rolls and drinks, we all walked out with happy wallets. No doubt this place would be a very nice date spot. Very chic atmosphere and lighting, friendly staff and nice sushi presentations. They also do home delivery too, if you live close enough to the Uptown area, you might have already received one of their delivery flyers. 

Now, another Sushi spot in Uptown approved!


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