Monday, October 5, 2009

Sea Salt Eatery

We had a group of co-workers from our Shanghai office 2 weeks ago. I was in the same training class as they were, so I offered to take them around town over the weekend. Just so to make their 13 hours of long flight worthwhile. We do have "some" sceneries here in the Twin Cities, not a whole lot, but just enough for a weekend trip.

As a courtesy, I asked them what would they like for lunch and stuff, and expecting them to give me the "whatever", "anything you like", or the "We are new here, so anything is fine" type of responses. But one guy, a Taiwanese co-worker, actually pulled out a piece of paper, an internet-print-out of "Minneapolis Things To Do", in Chinese of course. Apparently, whoever that Asian was, that has been to Minneapolis actually put the effort to put together a short guide and post it on the web... Ha. Maybe we do have something here in the Twin Cities, that actually attracts some foreigners to write about it... Oh, look who's blogging right now??!? Wait, I'm an American citizen.

So, on the internet-print-out: Sea Salt Eatery in Minnehaha Falls Park. Yea, what a funny name. Minnehaha Falls. It was probably just a 50 ft drop of water, and yes, it's considered as a "water fall". The park is decent though. Large open area, with very well organized bike path and running path. Definitely a great scene over the weekends, when the temperature is above 0 though.

Sea Salt Eatery: according to that internet-print-out, it is one of the best seafood place in Minneapolis. I was doubtful. Its location is like nothing but a park cafeteria. One of those that sells hot dogs and fries, add a coke to make it a combo type of deal. Only opens from April to October. (Like I said, the park is only decent during summer time... with that 50 ft drop of water fall...) I wasn't really expecting a lot going in there. But if some dude from Asia claims it to be one of the best, it's worth a try...

And man, I was impressed. The menu is very simple. Fish, scallops, shrimps, prawns... a pretty good selection of seafood. Then pair it with Tacos, PoBoys, sandwiches... or just simply a basket.

Scallop tacos: Bay scallops, cilantro, fresh salsa, corn tortilla. Fairly simple, amazingly delicious! Scallops are really juicy, and the tacos were very refreshing. Just the perfect summer lunch. Tasty salsa, kick it with some lime juice, juicy battered scallops. Yum.

The whole deal: Fish sandwiches, fish basket, more Tacos (fish tacos, scallop tacos, and shrimp tacos)

That was a good lunch. Sea Salt Eatery was more than what I expected. Highly recommend their Tacos. The basket wasn't bad. More than plenty of fish with no junkie fries and even a slice of cantaloupe, for just one good price. All very good deal.

A beer, some good seafood, and a view of a 50-ft drop of water fall. Not bad. Life is Good.



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