Sunday, February 7, 2010

Taste of India

India food is quite a mystery to me. I like the food, the spices and all the beans and meat options. But my understanding of Indian food preparation is very little. Shamefully speaking, I wouldn't be able to tell the authenticity of Indian food. From the around the corner $8.99 lunch buffet to Bombay Bistro $30 plus tips dinner, they all taste the same to me. Equally as good.

But if my Indian friend told me that this place is authenticity, I have no reason to not try it. And the same "it's a good sign to see Chinese in a Chinese restaurant" truth applies, this place is no kidding since it's jam packed with Indians and if not a small and homey Indian baby shower in progress, this is definitely a good sign.

Taste of India: Right next door of Yantze River restaurant in St. Louis Park. That little corners have more gems than I expected. Two pleasant surprises all came from this little corner of SLP.
Buffet and menu ordering both available.

And we were trying to be polite and calm working our first place. You know, taking small portions and all that...

Second plate: I'm not so naive, I'm just gonna go all in and take as much as I could. Load it baby!

Alu Gobi, Palak Paneer, Curry Pakora, Chana Masala, and Chicken Makhani (clock wise): very very delicious! especially the Chick Makhani, so tender and perfectly spiced! I may not know too much about Indian food preparation, but chicken this tender gotta be difficult!

Gulab Jamun: basically one big fried mike ball soaked in syrup. So sweet, if not... too sweet. 300 calories right there.

Mango Pudding and Kheer rice pudding dessert: These may be the next dishes for me to try to make. The rice pudding is so creamy and rice. Heaven on earth.  The mango pudding wasn't what I expected. I was thinking more of the Thai sweet and tangy soft mango pudding or mango soup. Now I'm even more motivated to make my own.

Taste of India, another hidden gem in SLP. I should go try their regular dining menu next time, and be ready for another round of pleasant surprise.


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