Sunday, August 9, 2009

Confession of a Shopaholic

Seriously... If that's a fiction novel for fun reading, maybe I'll just let it slip by. But a major movie? A chick flick? I just don't get it.

"Living in glamorous New York, Becky desperately wants a job writing for a high-fashion magazine. She gets her stilettos in the door when she gets a job writing a personal finance column at a sister publication. Much to her surprise, her column not only becomes a hit, but she falls head over high heels for her overworked yet handsome boss. But Becky has a secret that leads to some hilarious high jinks that could unravel it all. From the best selling novel, [....] it's the feel-good must-have romantic comedy you'll fall in love with over and over again."

The story line is decent. A girl in some serious debts... got herself in some serious troubles lying about her debts... finally met a rich prince charming.... blah blah blah. But look closer, that Becky is nothing but a disaster... No social skills (her stupid action in the restaurant), no professional skills (her rude comments at the CEOs), no relationship skills even (her stupid dancing...and her betrayal at her best friend), and needless to say, no money-management skills.... Yet, this movie/story revolves around her being so "pure, inspiring and a breeze of fresh air..." I think it's just more like she's so uncivilized and it took everyone by surprise.

Becky is nothing but a complete liar, and they made a movie about it... That's just pathetic... If you want the surprise and inspiration on some uncivilized liars, please go to China. We got billions there, and please, don't call them communists. They are just the American standards of a "Shopaholic".

Stupid movie. Don't watch it.


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