Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's all business in Orlando, FL

It's true. It's all business in Florida. The two times I've been to Florida are all about business. Trade shows and what not. But, unless you are in Miami, Florida really isn't much a fun place for non-family vacations. Florida, the state of senior citizens.., no?

Trade show in Florida: 8 hours of standing and walking. Non-stop business talking with co-workers,  competitors, customers, potential customers or clueless bystanders. It was a mistake wearing pointy high heels for that 8 hours of booth attendance. But deep down, I think it's the high heels and nice legs that increased the booth traffic... Hahaha!!

I don't really know any "world famous" restaurants in Orlando. Apart from the Disneyland/World or Universal Studio restaurants, I really don't even think they have anywhere decent to eat?! It's still nice. I would have loved to try that Cuba Libre restaurant across the street. But it was so packed with the trade show people.

Surprisingly, they do have this one Italian restaurant on International Drive that is quite outstanding.
Ciao Italiano: How Italian can it be.... Basically naming the restaurant with the only two Italian words that Americans could pronounce. Ciao! and Italinao! Blah...
The restaurant is owned and operated by very traditional Italians. The restaurant does give you a very Italian feel: the table cloth, the wine glasses, the Mediterranean Sea paintings on the wall... And looking into the restaurant from the outside, you would have never guessed how traditional this restaurant is.

Appetizer: Mozzarella cheese with tomato and basil. How can it be more Italian?! Enough said.

Entree: Veal rolled with Prosciutto and cranberries. Breaded and grilled on a skewer. 4 of that veal was a little too much food. It would do just fine with two veal rolls and a side of rice or pasta etc. Probably a little to breaded and grilled. I would prefer it to be less cooked, so I could taste more of the veal and cranberries than the charcoal.

Co-worker's entree: Prosciutto gnocchi. It looks really good too... those little gnocchi must be really chewy and sweet... I love gnocchi. Huge portion though, a plateful of starch. Haha!

Dessert: Always my favorite part. Following the Italian theme, I picked the Cannoli. This is actually Cannoli Sicilian. Imported from Sicily, the origins of Cannoli. Not like I've had a real cannoli before, so unfortunately, I really don't know what to expect. The filling isn't very creamy, it's not as custardy as I expected. A spice of orange zest cream with chocolate lined pastry dough. Cannoli Sicilian, now I know.

Overall a pleasant dining experience. Definitely a hole in the wall!

I had a crazy layover last night at Atlanta... First flight was delayed, then the connection departed, and I was stranded at the airport in Atlanta... Finally got a hotel and able to rest for 4 hours, before my flight leaves again at 6am... Landed in Minneapolis at 8:30am, took a quick shower, be back at work again just before 10am. Dedication huh?!

Eyes are closing now... Ciao!


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