Sunday, December 13, 2009

i <3 Cupcake

I have always wanted to try out this Cupcake place on University. Many local bloggers have linked posts to this place, applauding their sweet and yummy cupcakes. But what I didn't know was how cute those cupcakes are. Goodness, they are gorgeously cute. So irresistible.

Cute!!! And that little Ho! Ho! Ho! awww!!!!!


Now I'm gonna suggest cupcakes from Cupcake for my birthday too! And I not only need enough cupcakes to spell out Happy Birthday, I also need enough cupcakes to cover my age!!! So, please prepare at least 18 cupcakes for my birthday next year. And of course, I mean "at least 18" cupcakes, and you know I need just a couple more, yea, just a couple more cupcakes to match my age. Shhhh...

Each cupcake comes with different flavors. You got the yellow sponge cake vs the chocolate cake version, and all the varieties came in different toppings and frosting: chocolate mousse filling, cream cheese frosting, lemon meringue cream topping, chai tea frosting... all so yummy! I still haven't visited that place myself, but now I'm even more pumped to go visit and fly in the heaven of cupcakes!

I <3 Cupcake!


Faith said...

I can't believe you still haven't gone there. One year for my birthday I got a bunch of the carrot cake ones, scrumptious!

kisskissangela said...

I know! I am more determined to go visit now! Do you have any other good bakeries to recommend? i <3 cakes!!!!

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