Saturday, September 19, 2009

Finally, a relaxing weekend and YUM!

Finally, finally sometime for myself.

I don't know what have occupied me so much. I think I may know what they are, but I can't really form a shape in my mind. The burden is heavy, but what is life about if it is weightless?

Currently reading the "Unbearable Lightness of Being" by Milan Kundera. Great book. I love reading all philosophic books, helps me think, explore new boundaries and question my soul. Yea, I'm talking about mind and soul here. Pretty deep huh?

Anyway, one of things I love to do to relax myself is going to the cafes. Smooth music, background noise of people chatting and coffee machine brewing, some warm sunlight and of course, a cup of sensational beverage. It could be a cup of coffee, hot or cold, or a latte. And this time, I am feeling a cup of Chai Latte. Well, and a chocolate cupcake.
Chai Latte, Chocolate cupcake and my book. Life seems to be in the right spot again. I'm finally talking to my mind and soul, and things seems to be back into their right places again.

So many questions going through my mind, most of them unanswered. How could I make a difference? What should my approach be? How can I make people see who I really am? Who really think they know me?
I'm so done with hycrocritics and fake faces. It's time to stand up for what I know, stand up for who I am, because my soul is above all. Now, it's time for one of my favorite song: "All the Above", and I can now see through it all.

Quite emotional huh? And maybe couple days later, I would be confused again. Then maybe I would go back to the same place, order the same chai latte and cupcake, and reassure myself that everything would be okay.

Cupcake and chai latte at YUM! I never really thought about stopping by this place till Bakerella posted it on her blog. It wasn't the most impressive kitchen and dessert, but much more than I expected for some inspirational afternoons. Nonetheless, the chai latter and cupcake were pretty good. Yummmm~


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