Saturday, April 17, 2010

Uptown Thai

I don't know why there are so many Thai restaurants in Uptown. Chiang Mai Thai, Amazing Thailand, Tum Rup Thai, and Roat Osha... and what else? I feel like there should be another or a couple other more in Uptown. But still, for the size of Uptown, isn't it crazy to have 4 Thai restaurants? Especially with Chiang Mai Thai, Amazing Thailand and Tum Rup Thai all being exactly 1 block away from each other.

Amazing Thailand: I have to say, the restaurant definitely has some very Thai and oriental decor. From the thousand-hands-buddha to the Thai scenic pictures, I can see one of these restaurant decors in Asia.
And the cocktail menu is very creative. Not to mention the electric blue color drinks, the ginger infused martini is quite a pleasant surprise too.

Pepper Beef: We were thinking back and forth between pepper beef and basil beef. I am a Thai basil person. If it's me ordering, it'd just be basil chicken, basil fried rice and basil blah blah blah.... The pepper beef wasn't bad. It gave you more than just plain pepper and beef, which a lot of Asian restaurants do. Amazing Thailand actually gave you more variety of vegetables. But then, why call it pepper beef?

Chicken Pad Thai: classic dish. Can't go wrong. Oh wait, it could go wrong. But this dish was done well. Noodles cooked to the right texture, not too soggy or hard. They put the soy bean sprouts and all other garnishes on the side, so people can choose to add them if they want to. That's certainly helpful.

Chiang Mai Thai: Right across from Amazing Thailand, located inside the Calhoun Square building. The setting is a little more romantic and chic-hip than Amazing Thai. A lot more tables and seems pretty crowded. 
Very interesting drink menu also. Got this Urban Monk: blend of blueberry vodka, mango juice, pineapple juice etc. Sounds good, but it just tasted okay. Not fruity enough and tasted very diluted.

Thai Basil Beef: well, why should you be surprised. Didn't I just tell everybody I'm a basil person? So, basil and beef. Honestly, I heard that Chiang Mai Thai was supposed to be one of the better, if not the best, Thai food in this area. But I'm not that impressed. The vegetable is very plain tasting, and didn't absorb any of the sauce flavor at all. And way too many carrots. The dish sauce was very runny. It was more like a stew than stir-fry.  But I have to say, the staff was very very friendly though. 

And let's look at this. Why do they always chop the vegetables in such huge chunks? I'm not asking for delightedly julienned shred onions or peppers etc. But how could you possibly serve and call it a "sliced" mushroom when it was just a whole mushroom chopped in half? I can never look elegant when I was trying to open my mouth wide for a "sliced/diced" pepper... Might as well just serve me the whole pepper. Pffffff. I know, I'm picky. But hey, I am Asian too. I don't think this is how it should be done. And it's not just Chiang Mai Thai. It's all Thai food places, or Asian places.

Tum Rup Thai: I went there once after my parents' recommendation. They somehow liked that Tom Yum Shrimp Soup. I had some of their leftovers and it wasn't too bad. That prompted me to try it again with my other friend. But no, that Tom Yum soup probably was the only good thing in the restaurant then. Everything else was boring and tasteless. Similar to Chiang Mai Thai, sauce was too runny and not enough flavor on the meat itself...

And by the way, Chiang Mai Thai is by far the most pricey dinner for the same quality of food as Roat Osha and Tum Rup Thai. Argh. I still prefer Roat Osha. :)


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