Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm a Michigan Wolverine!

Time flies. It has been two years since I graduated from college, and a year since I last visited. I'm lucky to be able to go back twice since I graduated, but this probably is the last time I'd ever go. I miss school, I miss my friends and I miss my youth. But I'm still happy to be where I am right now. Nothing beats making money and not living on college budget anymore...

When I said I wanted to eat Korean food, I meant it. There's practically no Korean food existed in Minneapolis/St. Paul. The only one I found was in Columbia Heights and close at 8pm everyday... My first food craving wasn't Zingerman, but Seoul Garden.

Grilled/BBQ meat wrapped with fresh leaf green and green onion salad.

Spicy pork, Korean Kal Bi beef, and marinated chicken. Yummm! So full and the only thing I dislike about Korean bbq is the smoky smell at the end of the meal.... Desperately needed to shower.

But instead of heading back to shower. We went around the Central campus and just had to stop by Stucchi's Ice Cream. 

White Russian, Strawberry Cheesecake and Chocolate Mint Chips flavors, with gummy bears  and raspberry toppings. Yea, you heard it right. Gummy bears and raspberry.... Not a good combo. As adventurous as I am, gummy bears with ice cream just doesn't seem right...

I thought the Pizza House would be jammed packed during the graduation weekend brunch. Surprisingly it was casually empty. It had been a long exhausting day attending the graduation ceremony with President Obama speaking. Greasy yummy food seems to be the only comfort we could find ourselves in.

Beer battered portobello mushrooms and zucchinis. 

Southern BBQ Chicken pizza.

A super packed and exhausting weekend. Long driving, eternal waiting at the airports, and 200 pictures taking... Missing every single bits of this. 


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