Thursday, May 27, 2010

Taste of Nation Tickets here!!!!

Dear all my invisible readers,

Thanks for your support all this time. You, one of those that could be RSS-ing my blog, google-reading my blog or favorited my blog on your toolbar. Thank you all for your transparentency and gentle comments. So transparent and gentle that I can hardly see them. My google comment box/button has been so relaxed all this time, without you stressfully clicking on it to leave a comment. Thank you!

However, this should change a little bit now. Your silence has been well appreciated, but NOW ITS THE TIME to speak up! Becasue, I HAVE TASTE OF NATION TICKETS FOR FREE!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

6:00 - 11:00 p.m.

The Guthrie Theater

818 South 2nd Street

Minneapolis, MN 55415
"Since 1988, Share our Strength has been putting on Taste of the Nation events that raise critical funds for the most effective nonprofit organizations working to end childhood hunger. The Taste of the Nation Minneapolis' HOTlist event has been one of the 40 by premier culinary events across the United States and Canada supporting Share Our Strength's efforts by ensuring 100% of event ticket sales go toward ending childhood hunger in and around the Twin Cities."

You might have already be donating or doing your part for different charities, but now, we get to celebrate with a room full of people who share the same mission or goal with you: help childhood hunger. We are lucky to have experienced all these amazing cuisine around the world. Let's not forget the children we left behind.

Of course, it's not entirely free. I have to thank FoodBuzz and Taste of Nation for giving me this chance to go to the event to cover and spread the words for them. Big Thank-you to them.

So, here's the trick. My beloved invisible readers. Please be visible now! (or whatever that equivalent to Harry Potter's magic spell) Comment on this post, reply to my questions, and I will randomly pick a reader and you could be attending this event for free! Meet the people who share the same taste in food, have the same desire for a better world and the love for the children.

Please comment! It'd be great to finally meet my readers! Thanks! (for real this time)

Question: Since I mostly do restaurant reviews, it would only be strange if I don't ask my readers what their favorite restaurants are. So, What is your favorite restaurant in the Twin Cities?

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Anonymous said...

Favorite restaurant in The Twin Cities = its a tie between Common Roots and Solera. I love your've opened my eyes to some new places around the city! Thanks! -Jenny

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