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World Pastry Cup in Lyon

Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie

2008 World Pastry Cup Champion: France

The World Pastry Cup competition was held in Lyon, France on 24th Janurary, 2008. I know this update is a little late for that, but I'm not the one that was there physically... and I have to wait for Bing to send me pictures, updates and all that jazz... So, he's apparantly the one to be blamed. lol

If we are talking about Michael Phelps and Olympics (since his fame is up again with the weed pictures), then this would be the Olympics for the pastry world. Contestants from all over the countries compete for 9 hours to prepare 3 displays for the judges: a chocolate piece, a sugar piece and an ice sculpture piece.

I wish I have pictures from all the displays, or better yet, be there physically to witness all the magic in making. Making desserts and enjoying pastry is one thing that we all know how to do and love to do. But the pastry displays here in Lyon is nothing close to what we could encounter in daily life. It's a magic land. Sugar being pulled around in circles, chainsaw and ice picks banging around the already very vivid ice sculpture, it's definitely more chaotic and amusing that the Hollywood backstage. France has always dominated the competition since it was first created in 1989. Pierre Hermes is the president for the organization this year. I know I couldn't be there, but at least I have had desserts from PH! (no, I know it's not related at all... I'm just being desperate here.)

This show has been considered as a flagship event for the professionals. They train for it, aim for it and succeed with it. Japan won the competition last year with their amazing pieces, just when will China or USA win their owns?

Team USA and Team China right next to each other. Still no winning this year.

The sugar piece from Team USA. At first I thought this is a witch. But Bing said it's supposed to be a Native American. But either way, this definitely looks very amazing and real! With the feathers on the hat and curly hairs and everything. Can you believe it? It's all made from sugar! (well, also food coloring...) It's very creative and original, having the Native American image representing the USA.

Another sugar piece. This one is from some Asian countries (Bing didn't tell me where?!). I want to guess it's Japan's, but oh well... could be Malayasia's, Singapore's ....

And people, please don't miss this:

I know I haven't been able to tell you everything happened in Lyon. I wish I could, but I don't have the luck to. A Hong Kong reporter went and summarized it for us, however, this article is in Chinese. But that's not the point. Just click on the link, and you will find more than you are looking for, and it's definitely worth it.

Leave a comment if you think you've found the secret, or not.

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Shari@Whisk: a food blog said...

I would have loved to be at this event too. Bing is very lucky!

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Like Bing, I have always wanted to attend LCB. Instead, I'm trying to get through the curriculum on my own. We're 70% through Basic.

You could join us, if you like. It's a great group of people who have joined me and each week we do a recipe from the curriculum using LCB@Home cookbook.

Thanks again for dropping by!

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