Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mary has a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb...



Pan-Fried Double Lam Loin Chops "Maintenon"
French Green Beans With Bacon And Purple Potato Crisps

Please don't ask me how I managed to type up those French title. It was quite an effort, but not as much effort in preparing this dish. I had the honor to watch the LCB chef prepare it during the Superior Cuisine class. The entire class was taught in French, and I was probably spending more time staring at Bing than the chef, so please don't ask me how to cook this. But! you can still ask! I will let Bing do the explanation.

I never really like lamb. Not just because my last name "kinda" means Lamb. ("kinda" because my last name Yeung sounds the same as Lamb in Chinese, but not in writing. huh huh huh confusing?) Meat all have their own tastes. That's why some people don't like beef or pork, and for me, it's lamb. (and hey, don't ask me about Dog... I don't know how it taste like... I really don't!!!!) It's just too rich in flavor. One bite, the little lamb is just kind of rushing down your throat and up your nose at the same time... and it lingers around your mouth, in between your teeth... Next thing you know, I'd be chewing some garlic and swallowing it with some red wine... So, since I never really liked lamb, I never really cared how they were prepared etc. Yet, this lamb dish I had really changed my perception on lamb.

Bing said the lamb smell came from the fat. You should always cut off the fat from the meat, so the flavor is less intense (especially for the weak sauce Angela). The same goes for beef, pork, and other meat.  


The middle of the lamb should always be pink, around 45 degree C. Anything that is cooked more or less than a rose center is not considered as a good preparation. Basically there's no rare/medium-rare/medium for lamb. Only one-degree of doneness. For this dish, the lamb chops are garnished with chopped ham, mushrooms, onions, parsley, and top with truffle. The lamb trimmings were used for the sauce, together with shallot, carrot, onion and celery etc, all your basic ingredient for flavorful stock/sauce. Freshly prepared, this lamb dish was the perfect lamb dish. Not overwhelmingly strong taste or smell of lamb. The meat was juicy and very soft. I started to understand why people enjoy eating lamb. The texture of the meat is just different. So soft, so tender, just like my tongue was touching the super soft fluffy sheep skin... okay, maybe that's a little extreme... But it was just incredibly delicious. Not just your Rachel Ray type of Delish.

I'm glad that I have been exposed to the heavenly taste of lamb, and I really enjoyed it. However, I still don't think I would order lamb as my first choice if given the chances... Just not something for me... oh well, I know Bing is secretly smiling right now, cause he knows he could now have all the lamb chops all by himself... sure sure. this is the one time I won't fight with you. Go ahead, good eats!


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