Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yo yo yo gurrrrrrrt~~~

I enjoy eating yogurt. I think it started out as a doctor's recommendation for kids on more calcium intake, and my mom just fed me yogurt. She would always get me the fruity ones: peach or strawberry flavor, and I was okay with it. But it was that summer in Shanghai, that I really really started to like yogurt, more like THAT yogurt.

Yes! This yogurt. It's pure Chinese legency. Made by one of the most dominating milk/milk-byproduct supplier GuangMing. This is definitely the real yogurt. Plain flavor, nothing artifical, just the taste of sour, almost tart, milk. Glass bottled, sealed with just a wrapper and a rubber band, freshly delivered to your door every morning.

I always eat it with a spoon. Poke open the paper wrapper, the top layer is super thick. Just like the regular yogurt you get at a local market. Back then, the spoon my grandparents had in their house wasn't very refine... they only have those large silver soup spoons, and I would use those to eat my yogurt. Of course, a soup spoon that big isn't going to fit into that bottle that well. I could try to spoon out the top thick layer as much as I could, and the spoon would be stuck at the, well apparently, the Bottle-neck. Then I would have to use the straw to drink it. Boy, I just love that flavor, that smell, that cool yogurt on a hot Shanghai summer day.

GuangMing stopped making them for a while, more like catching up with the technology, and they started to sell those plastic containers of yogurt. It's still good, the plastic containers allow longer shelf life and they get to play with adding more flavors etc. But somehow, you can still order limited number of those bottled yogurt directly from GuangMing. It's something you have to special order through phone, yet still cheap! I must get this the next time I go to Shanghai. And yea, no melamine please.

Flying back from China, which one is my favorite yogurt in the USA? mmm... I would have to say it's the Wallaby Organic yogurt in Vanilla Bean flavor. THE BEST!
I love this yogurt, especially in this flavor. I don't know if this is a true "Australian style" as they claim on the container, but it sure is as creamy as claimed. (and it seems like Wallaby is a type of Kangaroos...mmm.... learn so much just by eating a yogurt) I like its smooth texture, and the "visible" vanilla bean dots make the whole thing more high class... haha. Like how all the vanilla pastry claim to use "real" vanilla but you don't see the black dots, but this yogurt actually is real vanilla bean! Perfect blend of smooth yogurt and rich vanilla. Yum.

Oh, and I also like the Activa yogurt. I'm not indicating that I have digestive problems, but... it is still nice to have a smooth potty ride than a rough one, yea? I think the bioactives in this yogurt really helps. I especially like their Prune flavor, but it was till Paris that I found out they have MORE (a lot MORE) Activa flavors than the USA: figs (oh so good), mango, passion fruit, Ananas (pineaple in french LOL)... how sad... France even has better Yogurt...But you know what! You don't have Wallaby Vanilla Bean! cause they are Made in USA! hahaha

And the one I don't like the most. Watch, I'm pretty careful with the word "Hate". So, I don't "hate" Yoplait, but I really don't like it... So artificial, so sweet, so ... strange. Seriously? Strawberry cream pie "yogurt"? Apple turnover "yogurt"? White chocolate raspberry "yogurt"? and what's up with all the "Whip", "Thick and Creamy"... I'm trying to not think "that" way. Oh, I think one of my co-worker's wife was actually the one who came up with those names... yea, she works for Yoplait. mm.. Yoplait, yo play?


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