Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kosher Foods?

I have never thought much about the term "Kosher Foods". In fact, I don't think I've ever paid attention to that word... it's like it almost never existed in my dictionary. No offense to all the Jewish faith out there, please pardon my ignorance. (but hey, it's not like you know my Budda..)

We all know Passover is for Jewish and Easter is for Christians. I don't want to go off on religions (cause I'm a very opinionated Communist! jkjk), mainly because I don't know much about the Jewish faith nor am I so faithful to my Christianity. Somehow, I still eat a big meal during Easter, but that's about it.

So, Kosher Foods. A form of dietary according to the God's word for the Jews. Three main principles:
1. Cows, Pigs and Goats only. No other types of meat, ie rabbits, deers etc etc. No organs. Seafood wise: only fresh fishes with fins and scales attached, so no shell fish like shrimps and....oh no.. scallops (for that only, scallops, I ought to beg for forgiveness thy Lord....) 
2. Must be ritually prepared and slaughtered by the rabbi. Basically in a more humane and normal way to kill an animal for food. 
3. Kosher foods are only Kosher if they are not in contacted with any other non-kosher foods. 

I'm not sure if that three are really the three principles, but they are what they really care about according to my local TV channel. Aside from the scallops (oh Lord, bless me with scallops... for my soul and mind would heal and live fruitfully...), the kosher foods actually are appealing to me. Most importantly, the humane way to raise and slaughter an animal for food. Not those hormones-injected-super-human-size chicken wings. Many non-Jewish faith people have decided to purchase kosher just for the humane reason. Also, since kosher food is so specific about its purity. You can be guaranteed that your kosher hot dog is pure beef and no other mixed fats and organs. 

Oh now we are talking. Pure hot dog? yea, do it kosher baby!

PS. want to find out how to identify KOSHER? well, ask your local grocery stores. Usually they say it somewhere on the package. If not, look for those circled K, circled U etc. They all symbolized kosher foods.

And... I'm not so sure about this. But wouldn't it be nice to have one of those in the US? Oh, btw, dairy is not kosher. So, sorry, no "cheese" burger, just pure 100% beef burger. Maybe it's not so bad afterall.

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michaelhannahranck said...

If it is labeled with a circle U it is kosher.. A circled K is not as reliable because circled U is a registered trademark and cannot be used for any other purpose other than to identify kosher products approved by the rabbis... Circled K is not registered as a trademark and may be on the package for another reason or purely deceptive marketing.

As for the statement in the article that pig could be kosher.. There is no way to purify pork.. It is never kosher. This is well known and so was probably misplaced sarcasm... Most of the rest of the article seems to be accurate.

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