Monday, April 6, 2009

MAMA MIA! and.... Cyprus?

I'm obsessed with the movie MAMA MIA!, more like obsessed with ABBA's songs. Not to disclose my age, but ABBA is definitely WAY before my time. I have never watched the broadway MAMA MIA!, nor have I attended an ABBA concert. I don't ever remember my parents owing some kind of ABBA music, but I do know most of the songs and I don't know why. Maybe my mom did listen to ABBA once a while... 

The songs are just great, such nice beats, and you just can't resist but sing along with it! The story encourages people to find the true meaning of life, true meaning of love and your very own identity. Maybe this is the reason I like it too. I feel like I still have this calling in my life, and I really need to explore new frontier, tour new places, see new things, before I settle down in this boring Midwest and work this mind-exhausting job. Siiiigh~~ I don't know. What's the true calling of my life? Will I ever find it? even after I've touring all around the world, will I still say I haven't experienced life?

I'm just so envy the life of the "Dancing Queen", "young and sweet, only seventeen~". And I'm not old either! why am I so miserable about my life? and why can't I be free and sweet while I'm still young? I always tell my parents that I want to leave and start new. Even if I fail, I'd still be young 20s, no fear, why not? Oh my, hearing me complain, complain and complain must be tiring for all of you... but to mind you, according to our old HK governor's wife Mrs Tung, that's what all Hong Kong people do. Complain.

Leave the miserable things behind. Greece. MAMA MIA! was partly filmed in Greece, two of the Greece islands to be exact. I always wanted to go to Greece, you know, the Greek myths and food, culture and history blah blah blah. It used to be one of the top places for me to go, but.... maybe not so much now. More like the bottom end of the places to go list... 

I get to go to Cyprus for work last November. It was supposed to be a fantastic vacation spot, and we stayed right off the coast (I mean, it's only this big an island, you can't be too far from the coast). The Mediterranean sea was right in front of us, and I guess I really couldn't ask for more for a free trip like this. But work sucked, I didn't get to enjoy the place and sightsee as much as I wanted to. Everywhere I went, I had to stand by my phone and make sure the customer was okay on their ends etc etc. mmm... just wasn't completely relaxed I would say. And Cyprus... is nothing but a tourist town/country. It's so dead during the non-tourist season, which is November! Restaurants were empty-seated, streets were quite. Transportation was bad, food was so influenced by the Brits. I guess the food wasn't too bad, but it doesn't really have that "Greek" taste or feel to it. Maybe it's just me. Maybe I was just too consumed by work and all the stuff going on, and I didn't taste the joy in things... And because of Cyprus,the  Mini-Greece, experience wasn't so Athena and Venus, I concluded that Greece would just be something like this... maybe a couple more white roof houses... 

Maybe you can see for yourself. A traditional Cyprus Meze, a course of 10+ side dishes served over 2 hours. I do love the calamari though. Very fresh and flavorful. LOL
Grilled seafood, shrimps, more calamari, mussels, oh, and fresh fish:
Okay, maybe I was wrong. Now I look at these pictures, the food was pretty good... LOL


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