Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oh Canada! Oh Canada!

Currently traveling in Canada for work. Unfortunately, like all my business travel, I don't get to do a whole lot. Not much wine and dine, not much sightseeing, not many cool people gathering. Just a lot of work and hotel-pay-per-view. (oh, it's not what you think. Just some chick flicks for the nights ;p)

Here I am in Toronto. Not doing a whole lot. My boss and I didn't even rent a car, but totally regretted it. We should have gone downtown and hang out. But instead we are 4 hours early for our flight and we are slowing sitting our time away... with more work. And of course, as cool as I am, I have a blog to work on. Not so sure if my boss has a blog too... and I don't think it'll be nearly as interesting as mine.

What do people eat in Canada? Other than the "Eh?" and "oooout" accent they have, I really don't think there is anything special about Canada. Just another state among the United States?! Oh... that would offend quite some people. Canada is in fact THE largest country in the world. With most of the land in ice... and an entire country population of the greater Los Angeles area that is... and food wise...

The last time I was in Canada was in Montreal. That was great fun. French speaking, great cornbeef sandwiches and poutine. But once again. Corn beef and poutine are good no matter what based on their fat and grease content?!
Poutine. French fries top with cheese curds, brown gravy and additional ingredients of your choice. That includes: sausage, hot dogs, beans, hamburger, ham and you name it. It originated in Qucbec and it's now considered as the essential comfort food for the Canadians.

Similar to the chilly cheese fries we have in the States. Poutine just has a little bit more variation and more fun to eat. I actually quite honestly enjoyed my poutine diet when I was vaca-ing in Montreal. I mean, what is better than some gravy, cheese curds, saggy fries and hot dog bits??

But still, that is just junk food! What is Canada's famous dish? A must have dish, a jaw dropping dish, a Canada-famous dish?!?! Anyone? hello? (guess same goes for the US huh? What's famous in the US? Hamburger? McDonald's?)

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heLeN said...

I have had Poutine in Oregon, too =] It's very fatting food with everything in, and I kind of like it.

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