Thursday, May 21, 2009

Voila! The Giant Macaron!

Oh la la~~ The Giant Macaron from Dalloyau, Paris! Man oh man, this is really some piece of cake. Oh, no, it's not even a cake, it's just one GIANT MACARON!!! No kidding, macarons from Dalloyau is definitely the best and the most original. Dalloyau, being the birthplace of macarons, is for sure my all time favorite pastry shop in France. Only if I could go again... or get a taste of this giant macaron, which! I spent so much time and effort in ordering and planning for this little adventure.

I long-distance called Dalloyau couple times. Tried the one location near Bastille, hoping someone would help me out in English: " No, No, Madame, No English..." Then I tried calling the one near Champs Elysee: got transferred 4 times before talking to the English-speaking store manager (whose name I cannot pronounce...), finally ordered the cake "ehmmm, I want the giant macaron cake". "No madame, that's no cake. That's macaron with peach creme fillings" "oh... okay... I want that... "

"okay, Madame, I need a phone number from you."
Me, "oh... well, I'm actually calling from the US... so, I don't think you will call me back..."

"Urmmmmm, then you call back tomorrow to confirm."

So I called back the next day, just to find out that English-speaking manager with un-pronounce-able name wasn't even there... Then, I had no choice but to bother my lovely French friend Alex to help me confirm. It's just so beautiful listening to them talk... a language that's so hard to master.

Not lucky enough to taste the Giant Macaron... I can only mesmerize the taste of my petit macarons from Dalloyau...

Macarons, not to be confused with Macaroons (the coconut flavor smashy cookies), is a form of luxurious French pastry. Made with two layers of thin cookies and sandwiches a layer of ganache or cream fillings (like the peachy one). I would say that the thin cookies are probably the most important part of the macarons. One must master the technique in combining the right ingredients of egg whites, almond powder, icing sugar and sugar, with a controlled baking process, to finally achieve that perfect crisp and chewyness of a semi-dome shape macaron. The amount of ingredients and time involved are probably what make macarons so special and luxurious.

Dalloyau was the first to serve the French king the preciously prepared macarons. But it was until Laduree that perfects and evolutionizes the macrons we enjoy nowadays.

Lavender, peach, rose, chocolate, green tea, hazelnuts, coffee, and even foie gras flavors of macarons....
Take me to Paris!


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