Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Belated Mother's Day Wish and still very stressful week...

So much for a caring and loving daughter... I totally wasn't prepared for the Mother's Day. My gift was late, no cards, failed to order flowers... but in order to make it up, I decide to spoil my mom a little bit with a coach make up pouch

My favority color of the moment: baby blue. Just kinda remember how my mom is still using a crappy make up purse, maybe I should get her a new one and make her happy. hehehe~

I'm very bad with dates, birthdays, anniversaies, special holidays, or any other important dates... they all slip by me like it has never happened before... I always feel bad forgetting my good friends' birthdays, but at the same time, I didn't expect them to remember mine. It's just a birthday anyway, why celebrate myself getting older... sucks... I'm in a self-denial mode on turning 24 this summer. It's not happening!

Anyway (or like the Minnesotan would say it , AnyHoo) I have no idea how to resolve this problem with my old landlord. She is being completely ridiculous on everything. Not only is she deducting my security deposit for the most inappropriate items (like hingers of the cabinets... wtf), but she also failed to contact me and respond immediately! So I was just getting worried that she's gonna take off with my money, I called her a few times (only 2 times!), wrote her 2 emails and stopped by her house to deliever my formal written notice on moving out, she's now saying I'm "harrassing" her........ Oh my goodness. This old lady is a riot! What's wrong with her?!?

Not only is she slow and useless, she's completely un-professional. How could she be so stupid? I need to be strong, be brave and I can't let her take me down. She's not worth me stressing over with. I can deal with this, and everything will be alright after this. This is only going to make me stronger and more independent. I can do this I can do this I can do this. That stupid old lady will regret she ever tried to mess with me!

ok, brainwash session done. I need support!!!


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