Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Julie & Julia

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I want my blog to turn into a movie too!!!!!!
I want to watch this movie!!! Le Cordon Bleu! Paris! Julia Child! Blog!

I guess I really need to turn my blog into something else. Not just a day to day cooking/life blog. But a blog with a theme. Like Julie, she blogged about her cooking through Julia Child's "Mastering the French Cooking" cookbook in 365 days of 544 recipes... I actually came across someone else's website about cooking the French Laundry cookbook... Man... only if I have so much time, resources and support... I could make my blog an exclusive journey of... of... something...

I'm just not creative and original enough yea? I'll just continue to blog like a fob, with English like an immigrant fresh of the boat. But seriously... how could they do that? Spend all day cooking? And all night eating? Somebody gotta be working out really hard after all those butter butter and butter...

Any ideas on improving or creating my blog's theme???


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