Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Current Wish List

It has been 3 months and1/2 since I first moved into this gorgeous new apartment. I finally got my couch, after a long and surprisingly not so painful process of return-refund-exchange ordeal.

New couch:

Of course... that's the Macy's demo picture. Only if my apartment is like that also...

Bedroom Dresser:

Mirrored dresser! I have always dreamed to have one of those. Finally found the one that matched my description. Vintage mirrors, hand crafted dresser. I positioned it in an angle that will reflect out my purple Calvin Klein bedding set. However, now I realize I really need to get rid of my old old college cheap dresser. It doesn't match my bedroom design at all.

So, my current wish list:

A set of two. Please. One of each side. Now it'll be completed.

Maybe... next year...


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