Thursday, August 20, 2009


Wow, this really is a "mind-blowing" trip. The "best" business trip I've gone on by far!!!

I mean, other than the "nothing-ness", the farms, the Amigos, the triple digits temperature, this place could be heaven on earth!

Look at this, pomagernate trees~~~ Oh, I was so tempted to just pick one off the tree. You know how expensive those babies are? It's like 2 dollars each at Whole Foods!

Horror movie of the week: "No Vacancy at Apricot Inn"!!

This hotel/motel I stayed in actually is part of the Best Western chain. But, apart from the rest of the Best Western in the world, this one is just hundred feets away from the I-5 freeway exit. With the near by Taco Bell and McDonald, Apricot Inn is definitely the ultimate convenient stop for your travel to the "middle of nowhere"! Come in, stay with us. And don't let the Little Black Bugs on your bed freak you out. They are harmless, just that they are everywhere...

Yes, Taco Bells and McDs... I literally fed myself on Cliff power bars for the two days of hell. No more... to the middle of nowhere...

As I was leaving town, after driving for 2 hours to the Fresno airport, I found civilization: In-N-Out burgers:Double -Double, fries and milkshake. I was living again. Thanks to my 2000 calories lunch at In-N-Out. At least my fries wasn't "animal style", saved some extra thousands of calories there!


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