Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My new obsession

Obsession is obsession because you are crazy over something you don't have. And because you don't have it, the more you crave for it and the crazier you get. And now, you are obsessed.

I don't know why I like the G37 so much. Maybe because that's something I can actually afford without eating rice for the rest of my life; Maybe because it's hip enough to look awfully cool in it, but not too luxurious that I'd look like I was a 16-yrs-old driving my Dad's Benzo...; Maybe its the not-so-common look, at least I should be able to spot my car right away at the parking lot, instead of streaming through rows of BMWs to finally find mine beeping...

But... just an obsession. With all the new promotion going on, I am really tempted to just trade in my long-term boyfriend, Lancer, for this new boy toy. Argh~~~~

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heLeN said...

=) go for it, it's comfortable

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