Thursday, August 27, 2009

Homemade Peach Ice Cream with Pistachio

Stuck at work on a Tuesday afternoon, I browsed through my blogs-to-read list, and this came across me.

Too bad I couldn't post her pictures here without her permission, and I'm too lazy to write her a comment and ask for the permission... So, just click on the link above to admire at her work. If only if my pictures or my food could turn out to be so pretty...

My attempt in making this ice cream: Successful.

The ice cream is definitely very very peach, yummy and summery. It wasn't as creamy as I thought, it's actually more sorbet than ice cream and it's just perfect.
The last bite of it... didn't even have time to take a shot at it before I finish them all....

One thing I wasn't very keen at is the pistachio nougat. I couldn't really get the sugar mix to stiffen as I was beating it. It was liquidy and I was losing patience... It was a Tuesday night after all, and I had to work early the next day... Maybe there wasn't enough air, wasn't enough sugar, wasn't enough heat or wasn't enough time simply.... The
nougat didn't harden at all. It was just bunch of pistachio held together with a thin sticky marshmallow-y of nougat... It tasted all right, very sweet and honey-ish actually. But it wasn't anything close to a "nougat"

A huge pile of pistachio indeed. $33 worth of it... This ice cream really is one of the most expensive ice cream I've ever had so far. I guess you just can't beat the homemade quality of it...

The nougat making process was dreadful... gotta make sure the sugar was hot enough. I really believe that's the reason my nougat wasn't hardening. Mix honey, sugar, roast the nuts... it's a lot more work than you think.

The ice cream making part of it is more fun. Boil the peaches, add sugar, cool and add in whipping cream, sour cream etc. Churn in the ice cream machine, et Voila! But don't rush! You have to freeze them overnight for it to reach the ice creamy consistency. It was worth the wait, and I couldn't resist but to have it for breakfast this morning.

Ah~~~ summer, can't be over yet?!

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Anonymous said...

how can you eat the ice cream first and then take the picture?!

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