Thursday, January 14, 2010

i <3 Thursdays and Midtown Global Market!

Silly me; foolish me; stupid me...

For not realizing the amazing food coming out from the Midtown Global Market.

I have only been to the MGM once before this. I went there for my license change, from California to Minnesota. It must be my resentment for changing my identity. I somehow didn't spend anytime looking through that market, and definitely did not appreciate the noises going on there. The last time I've been to that part of town, the east of I-35W, was for the KFC. Silly me; foolish me; stupid me... I should have stopped by the MGM and should have eaten at the MGM...

So many choices; so cultural; so diverse; so amazing; so... homey. As diverse as it is, I actually feel very at home. Going through aisles of foreign groceries, picking up menus from all different eateries; watching people chilaxing at those funny-almost-crappy-looking tables. Silly me, how could I have not explored this place earlier?! KFC? man...

And honestly, the only reason that brought me to the MGM was the Holyland Hummus. I picked it up from the St. Louis Park Rainbow the other day. The artichoke and garlic hummus, and I totally fell in love with it. On the back of the hummus package, it listed the address of this local hummus manufacturer's retail store:

Main store: 2513 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis
MGM: 920 East Lake Street (Old Sears BULG), Minneapolis

And I thought, hey, why not check it out?

And here goes my Thursday:

Gyro Combo: Chicken gyro, beef and lamb gyro; comes with choice of rice/fries/hummus, a salad and bread/pita, and a choice of tahini, cucumber or hot sauce.

Impeccable! All for 9.99. And this is definitely a dinner combo enough for two. So much meat! Close up of the amount of meat... (okay, okay! I know I need a new camera!!)

Amazing, amazing and amazing. So much food. Definitely packing them for lunch tomorrow and finish it off with another serving for dinner. Two days of food all for 9.99. No kidding.

And the hummus was good!

P.S. What else is good on Thursdays?
My favorite TV shows: Bones and Fringe!!!!

I <3 Thursdays!


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