Saturday, January 9, 2010

Another past two weeks of Winter

So what do Californians eat other than Asian food? Honestly, this is quite a hard question. Other than your usual Applebee's and McDs or Taco Bell, what do Californians eat? I know, IN-N-OUT. Not quite.

Breakfast LA style: The Waffle @ Hollywood. Cute little breakfast dining. Gives you those 60s diners feel, with downtown clubbing lights over your head. Coffee, OJ and some syrups, breakfast could be very simple yet fulfilling.

Salmon Waffle. At first, just looking at the menu, I thought this would be a waffle that integrated Salmon in it. Like some Salmon stuffed waffle etc. But turned out to be salmon slapped on top of the waffle. Originality points... 0. Creativity? maybe.

Bacon Waffle. Again, I thought I was gonna get some type of bacon infused waffle. And this adding-bacon-bits on top of the waffle trick didn't really quite entertain me. However, having bacon bits on top of a syrup soaked waffle is actually quite good. Salty and sweet. Nonetheless, the waffle was nicely done. :)

There are also the classic scrambled eggs: hash, herbed scrambled eggs and sourdough toast. Looks good huh? Nothing beats eggs for breakfast. Not even sweet waffles.

For all your organic lovers, Urth Caffe is the new favorite. "Hand-crafted" (honestly, this word is completely over-used. Hand-crafted everything, and just what is not Hand-crafted?) gourmet sandwiches and fresh roasted organic coffee. Located around the downtown LA/Hollywood/Santa Monica area, Urth Caffe is definitely the next coffee hang out spot. Step aside, Starbucks!

Too bad the weather wasn't completely sunny, but the cloudy moment didn't last very long. I love sunny California. And I love my green tea latte and my friend's Spanish latte. We were so excited to see the latte arts, but guess what, we got the simplest ones instead. They used to do all the crazy arts, like the face of a Hello Kitty, the Pheonix, blah blah blah... Oh well, looks better than my latte arts, which is Mega-foam.

Lunch at LoveBirds Cafe @ Pasadena.
I especially love the Colorado blvd. So many places to eat, so many shops to see, so much to do. Of course, I say that only because I don't always hang out around Pasadena. For people who live there their entire life, I guess things get old after a while.. No?

Simple cafe menu. Many choices of bread to match with your choice of meat and fillings. I got the turkey, ham and avocado on ciabatta bread. Ice latte behind the sandwich. I love coffee, and ice latte with sandwich is the best combo! Yummm Yummm to the avocado!! Look at the lettuce! I bet that gives you your 5 servings of veggies there. LOL

Kat's and Jack's sandwiches: Curry chicken sandwich and Black forest ham sandwich. Fully loaded!

What a lovely neighborhood cafe. Very Pasadena, very LA. Took a walk down Colorado Blvd after lunch. What can possibly be better than a good lunch, good coffee, and a good chat strolling down the street on a 70 degF "Winter" day?

This should conclude my short vacation back home in the amazing Los Angeles, CA. So much life, so much energy and so much fun. Take me back!!!

(I still love Minneapolis though, and I can't wait to try more restaurants in MPLS!)


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