Monday, January 4, 2010

The past two weeks of "Winter"

Is that still Winter when it's 80 degF outside? Is that still Winter when the only time it's below 50 degF was when I was inside my own house? Strange... but it is Winter in California and it is colder inside my house than it is outside.
Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera's USB cable for this trip back home, and I couldn't upload pictures and update my blog immediately after all my meals... Wouldn't that be great, so you can virtually eat what I eat and I wouldn't have all these catching up to do...

So sunny and bright! No, it didn't snow in Los Angeles. I was up in Sierra National Park. Snowboarding in 50 degF weather. Can't be nicer than that.

Since I ate so much, and I delayed posting all my meals... I have way too many to share, and I could only do it in two posts. And how would I categorize my food travel in one of the most diverse culinary scene, Los Angeles, California?

Asian and non-Asian food.

Yes. And now let's look at the Asian food scene in Los Angeles.

Wonton Noodle Soup: The "better-than-Hong-Kong" style wonton. This gotta be one of the biggest and fullest wontons I have had in my life. Filled with shrimp and pork, wrapped with egg noodle wrappers. Extra bed of egg noodles with clean broth. Can't get more Cantonese than this big good bowl of Wonton noodle soup.

Pan-fried Buns with Stuffed Pork: Marinated ground pork stuffed in flour buns. Instead of steaming, these buns were pan fried till done. Because it's pan fried in hot oil, all the pork juice is captured inside. Each bite into the buns requires careful sucking of the juice. It's better than Juicy Lucy's. LOL

Shabu Shabu at Jazz Cat: Many types of hot soup bases to choose from. We got Corn and Milk soup, Miso soup, Thai lemongrass soup and Curry soup bases. Oh beef!!! Not drinking that soup base is almost a sin... It's so flavored by the meat and mix of vegetables.

The classic LA social events: get Boba milk tea.

More noodle soup.

But the main focus was the chicken dish. See, simple marinated chicken with special dipping sauces. Seems like there are more and more of these restaurants opening in the LA Chinese communities now, serving simple chicken dishes like these. Not bad huh? At least it's not raw sushi-grade chicken... cough*

Now switch the focus from Chinese cuisine to Japanese:

Fo Fo Tei Ramen: This tiny neighbour ramen place is totally a hole in the wall type. Only opens for 2 hours of lunch service and another 3 hours of dinner services. Life is kind of good working in that ramen place right?
Fun menu, just want to try them all....

The White Cream soup base ramen.

The Pork and Mix Vegetables Miso Ramen.

Unfortunately, I don't have the luxury to go to Japan to enjoy sushi and get my sushi craving fixed. But I can at least get my fixes in Los Angeles. Tiny rice? Thick slices of Yellow Tail? All good. The other kind of "Value" meal. $5 for two pieces of thick slaps of sashimi and tiny rice. I should have a picture of the Sea Scallops sushi. It was sweet, juicy and just amazing.

Sushi @ Rokuan:

And how could we not be enjoying authentic Korean food while in LA which has the largest oversea Korean population?

Bibimbap: mix vegetables, ground beef mix with steamed rice and special Korean hot sauce.

And I had all those food because i was in a Korean Tofu house. Mushroom Tofu Pot.

Special combo that comes with the stoned rice, tofu hot pot soup, and the Korean marinated grilled beef, Kalbi. Yum! Also shown is the spicy chicken. I thought the chicken was just okay. I love the Kalbi! Sweet and juicy tender beef short ribs.

Whoa, that was a lot of pictures and a lot of food. Now you know why it took me so long to post all these. And that's only the Asian section. Oh well, not to worry, I didn't go out to that many non-Asian restaurants. I mean, do they even have non-Asian restaurants in LA???

Lovely food. Lovely California.


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