Saturday, March 6, 2010

Don't Mess with Texas

For the past two weeks and the upcoming weeks, I'd be traveling in Texas. Meeting customers and attending training etc. I can't say I have a negative feeling about Texas, but I certainly don't prefer living in Texas. Apart from the hot humid weather and everything-Texan-style, I'm also allergic to Texan mosquitos. That certainly made life... pretty tough, with swollen arms and face.

Tex-Mex is definitely a must-eat down in Texas. Nothing can beat a plateful of fresh made Gua and Chips. But please, don't let Tex-Mex take all the spotlights, because the more amazing food has yet to come:

Texan BBQ Beef Baked Potato: loaded with slow cook BBQ beef, topped with sour cream and cheese. This is not just a baked potato, this is a GIANT baked potato. I don't know what qualifies to be the "best baked potato", but surely this giant one has to make it on the list.

Enlarging the texture and volume... not of my hair, but the BBQ beef.

Not a place you would be attracted to walk into. In the arm pit of Texas, Freeport isn't really a city of charm and luxury. There are so many of these shaddy looking restaurants/food stops that just makes me feel like I load my shot gun before going in. But that's just me, the spoiled Los-Angelos and HongKongese side of me talking...

Brian's Bar-B-Q, Lake Jackson, Texas.
In case you actually make it to that town of Lake Jackson, the address is: 151 Commerce Street, Clute, TX 77531-5601

But again, no one goes to Freeport/Lake Jackson for vacation....


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