Saturday, March 6, 2010

Stand Up for Heidi's and Blackbird: Fork the Fire

It was so unfortunate that Heidi's and Blackbird had to go down in flames, literally... I have yet got to try the two restaurants. (Probably yet to try Blackbird, since I don't know when would I be able to afford Heidi's menu...) Just so unfortunate...

Fork the Fire: An event to help fundraise for Heidi's and Blackbird
“Fork the Fire” will allow diners to contribute in several ways. Dozens of local restaurants will offer specials that day at brunch, lunch and/or dinner — the program is different at each location, so call ahead to verify — with proceeds benefitting the two restaurants.

Details: click on the Fork the Fire link above.

Next Sunday, March 14th, time to hang out at your favorite restaurants, and donate to help bring these two TC favorites back to life.

Special featuring: Mission American Kitchen @ IDS center. With dishes prepared by chefs from our favorites, Heidi's, Saffron, Vincent et al.

Hail to Heidi's and Blackbird! I vow that I'll visit you before you get burnt down again! Another proof of Life is Short!


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