Monday, June 28, 2010

Taste of the Nation Minneapolis


This gotta be my lucky night. Never had so many good restaurants all under one roof, serving good food for the public, all for charity. 100% of the tickets all proceed to the Taste of the Nation to help fight childhood hunger. Looking at all the effort in setting up the place, all the equipments, bars, and extra promotional effort for the public relations, and everyone is busy working for nothing... Not for the VIP tables, not for any special coverage in the newspapers. Just for the invisible hunger around us. 
More than 12 million children in America worry about having the food they need. That's one in six children. Next time when you go to the playground outside of your neighborhood, you can count heads: One, Two, Three, Four, Five and Hungry. "The invisible hunger is everywhere." Yet, no one acknowledges it here, one of the wealthiest countries in the world. You would be surprised.
Share the Strength program develops partnerships to address state specific needs. It works through grants, partnerships and nutrition programs to help families find more ways to feed their children basic and nutritious food. 

So let the party begin. Restaurants are serving cocktail style food, not just cocktail shrimps, but elegently prepared fine cuisine. Moto-i: Asian marinated pork bun.

112 Eatery: Lobster with cheese and dill. It was a hard decision to choose between Haute Dish and 112 eatery for my favorite dish of the night, or even my favorite restaurant in the TC. The lobsters were so succlent and juicy, so refreshingly paired with the dill and sea salt. Not a big fan of the cheese at the bottom, but it did give the lobster meat a little cheamy taste.

Saffron: Laughing bird shrimp. Part of their signature menu item. Shrimps and beets cooked in spices to bring out the exotic flavor.

Sea Salt Bakery with the mousse cakes. Sweet treats are always good. But what's better is the Guide to an Uptown Living book. I must say, I was very tempted to buy it...

Brasa: Smoked pork belly with onions and roasted pork loin with jalapenos. These are amazing. The smoke pork belly was so flavorful and so tender to eat. It didn't even feel greasy or fatty with the pork belly. The reason why I love pork fat is all described in this smoke pork belly sampler.

La Belle Vie, Sea Change and Solera: Look who's here? Chef Tim Mckee! And of course, a whole crew from the three restaurants are so busy working their tables. Foie Gras from LBV, Creamy Shrimps from Solera, and Crab Mousse Dip from Sea Change. A full attack of flavors and creme and yummy three tables in a row. I just realized how much I have missed the taste of foie gras... ahhhh!

And thank you for your patience. I'm finally going to cover the Haute Dish, with all the antipication built up through out the post, what did Haute Dish make?
The up-most delicious and gastromonic explosion dish of the night: Haute Dish's beef and potato. Sounds too simple? I just don't know what to name it... Tender, super tender beef with fried mashed potato. Served with creamy sauce and top with green beans. It's not just the simple steak and potato. Maybe I was just hungry, but having Haute Dish running out of food to serve mid way through the event meant something right?

 What a wonderful night of food and drinks experience! Those cucumber tequila was no joke. And the summery red wine which tasted like a white wine... which name I forgot! Nuvo?Nova? or Nano? I must find out, and that wine must goes to my soon-to-be-purchased wine fridge.

And guess who else is there? Chef Alex Roberts of Brasa and Alma. Ha! This guy is one amazing dude. Very friendly and extremely talented. Listening to him talking about how much he appreciates Asian food and culture just makes me warm and fuzzy inside. And of course, I am sure all the chefs and cooks there that night would be equally appreciative of different food and culture. I only got to talk to Chef Alex... Ah! What a night!


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