Saturday, September 11, 2010

Patisserie 46 out of Paris

What is a better scene? French man in a patisserie in Paris? or French man in a patisserie in Minneapolis? Hands down I'd vote for anything Parisian, but with limiting funds and plane tickets, I'd take the Minneapolis option. But don't be disappointed? A trip to Patisserie 46 may serve you just as well as a trip to Paris, without the $2000 credit on your card.

Macaroon macaroon and macaroon... Oh lord, if this world is one sweet sugar candy house, I would only live in the house of macaroon... Ok, maybe that's too weird. But this should help you understand my obsession of macaroons...

Strawberry, lemon and chocolate. Perfect crust, perfect sweetness and perfect texture. The fillings are chewy yet soft. The ones I have elsewhere in MN just can't compare. Among all things being the authentic, it's also in the perfect size. A bite and half, and I bet that bite and half has already pushed my calories intake to the limit...

Among all, this bakery truly deserves its Patisserie name. It serves more than just muffins and cookies, it also features full line of elegantly prepared and crafted pastries: from French macaroons to American oatmeal cookies.

The only thing better than macaroon is Napoleon, or mille-feuille. Layers of vanilla cream, custard, and puff pastry. It's always a mess eating mille-feuille, but who can resist the crusty puff pastry and the rich and creamy custard layers?

And thank John Kraus, dedicated pastry chef returning from France, eclair is finally done right. No excessive icing or frosting on top. Just perfectly filled custard or cream along the long dough. French man approved eclair is the way to go.

Pastry like the Patisserie doesn't come around often. Taste and memories like France is also unmatchable.


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