Sunday, March 15, 2009

C'est Paris!

10 hours of exhausting flight, 1 and a half movies, 2 in flight chicken sandwiches, and 35 shuffled songs on my ipod... I'm finally here in Paris.

The temperature is mild and just so much better than Minneapolis. It's cloudy yet it is the cloudiness that makes Paris romantic. 
The jambon, the cream, the cheese, the chocolate and the macrons. Bing had it all ready for me to taste, to enjoy and to have me mesmerized. Things are going better than ever. 

Paris is prettier than ever. 

2 more days till the graduation. Monday will be the final for pastry class. Bing needs to make a rose/flowers sugar piece for that exam. Pulling sugar at high temperature, you not only need heat resistant gloves, but also a lot of artistes and patience and care. Oh, I'm so excited to finally post those amazing cuisine pictures. Once I have successfully stolen those pictures from Bing's computer, I'll post them immediately! Cause we are all so excited to see what has been cooking... maybe just me.   


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