Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bakerella's cupcakes

Twitter cupcakes from Bakerella

If you haven't heard of Bakerella, you should definitely check this out. She makes all these amazing looking cupcakes. Crazy ideas and bold decorations. It's not one of your grandma's cupcakes. But to me, it's more fun to look at them than eating them. I'm afraid of the icing and the coloring....

But I really enjoy reading her blog, just looking at all the fun and cute stuff like Hello Kitty cake pops, the-most-extravagant-Easter cup cakes , and the most amazing Valentine's Day cake...etc etc.... Pretty neat huh? I wish I'm as talented, or have as much time, or as much energy... to create neat dishes and desserts. But for now, I'll just cook when I have time, try some new recipes, start baking some nice cakes, and most importantly, put an effort in maintaining this a one of the cool food blog. My ultimate goal: to become famous and rich by blogging, quit my day job and be a loving wife. LOL

And to continue the theme of Twitter... I still haven't figured it out.... Oh well...


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