Sunday, May 10, 2009

Totally weird week...

I totally disappeared from this planet for a while... And when I came back to Mother Earth after a tour around the universe, EVERYTHING IS SO WEIRD!!!
My tour around the universe had its first pit stop not too far beyond Canada. I was in Calgary, Canada for a 2 days business trip/customer meetings. The trip was great, people were nice, I didn't screw up... <--isn't that the most important bottom line, Eh? After a couple meetings, I actually got a chance to view the Rocky Mountains. Real nice Eh? The resort Banff was only 80 miles away from the city of Calgary. Definitely worth the drive. Or Teleport...

Look at the mountain sheeps!!! Just cascaully eating grass and having fun hopping from rocks to rocks. Amazing how they could live in such rocky habitate.

The beautiful Banff resort and the amazing breath-taking view of the Rockies. Wouldn't it be nice to wake up every morning with a view like that?! Make you realize how small you are in this world/planet.

The downtown, city of Banff. They actually have a Louis Vuitton store there... I guess people do ski/snowboard and shop?!

So, after this astonishing trip to the nature, I came back to my just-moved-in new apartment right in Uptown. Very nice place, I would consider. New kitchen, newly remodeled etc, just a little bit small but is totally fine for one person. So, I woke up the next morning (Friday), doing my usual thing, going to work. The moment I stepped outside my apartment building, all I saw was "Police Do Not Cross Line" all around the block!

You seee! "Police Do Not Cross Line"!!! At first I thought we must have a swine flu case found in this neighborhood and the Police was trying to quarantine us! A few seconds later, a policewoman approached me as I was walking to my car parked on the street. She asked "Where did you park?" I told her I parked right around the corner of the street. She went "You probably don't want to go there. There's a body, and you don't want to see her." WHAT?!?!?!

There's a What? She went "Someone's dead. Her body hasn't been removed yet. Just go back up and give us 30 more minutes"..... 30 minutes later, I heard people rushing up the stairs, got to my floor and one of the cop yelled "Police Department!" before busting into my neighbor's door. Apparently, that dead girl only lived 2 doors down from me... They aren't sure if it's a homicide or suicide yet, since her body has been moved from where she could have landed jumping off her windows... My apartment can see clearly her broken window and window screen... So I'm just as confused as the CSIs were...

Just think about how nice it would be to wake up with the view of the Rocky, and to think about how horrible it would be to wake up one day with a dead body in front of your building... How weird could things be?!

And of course, I still have the non-stop drama with my old landlord, who's acusing me "loosen the cabinet hingers..." and I should pay for that?! Come on... someone gotta teach her a lesson.

What a stressful week... And I'm sick now... should rest more... and maybe all the drama will stop once I wake up... no?


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