Friday, April 3, 2009

Sushi in Los Angeles

I can't say I have a whole lot of "flavor love" for Los Angeles. I have only lived there so briefly, 4 years of my life only. 2 years of high school and 2 years of university. And I probably shouldn't consider myself from LA... since I have technically lived outside of LA longer than I have lived in LA. But after all, LA was my first destination coming to the US; where my family is residing; where my best friend lives; where I have all my teenager rebellious memories; where and why I decided to get out and explore my own life...

I guess I should pull out all my old pictures to add some vibes in this LA post... but of course, who would want to look at my teenage pimples and tom-boy physique ?! So, no old pictures... I don't do that to myself... 

One of my favorite hang out spot in LA: Old-town Pasadena: Colorado St.
Please don't let my face ruin the moment... Look around me and enjoy the beautiful sun shine and street peace. LA is not really a very dense city, as in all things are spread apart. There are too many fun cities, too many fun spots, and they are all too far from each other... What I like about Old-Pa (yay, you know you are from LA) is the feel of everything together in one place. I just need to park my car in the garage for the daily fee, and I could really just hang out there and would never get bored. 

Book stores, kitchen stores, clothing, H&M, Lululemon, Tiffany's.... I can shop and shop and shop and window shop! When you are tired, there are tons of places to eat and rest. Cheesecake factory, jamba juice, and many Japanese for you to choose. And that's usually the reason why I was in Old Pa: the Japanese food~~ <3

Oh yea... I know I'm a pro! We went into this side street and found our Sushi Roku. Ordered a sashimi sampler. This is not just some raw fish with wasabi and soy sauce. Much thoughts were put into the sauces ad the side dishes of the sashimi: Salmon Sashimi wrapped with Artichokes, Octopus with Mixed Greens and on and on. Very refreshing presentation and yummy experience.
Poor kids like me didn't get to order too many fancy dishes... but we had our tummy filled with this Katana Roll. Tuna and yellowtail sashimi on top of spicy tuna and tempura shrimps~~ mmmm~~ I love crunchy sushi rolls. I know they are not original and traditional, but hey, we are in the great America. This is how we ROLL! After this, we also have another plate of nigiri, just hand pressed sushi with rice and fish on top. Followed with green tea ice cream. That's always a must. Better yet, get me some red bean ice cream. hehe!

Overall, very nice restaurant and menu. Love it and would definitely come back again, for the food and for the mood. I also realized that they serve steak here... as in those "teriyaki miso-glazed steak" etc. The lady next to us ordered it, and was having quite a hard time cutting the steak with knife and chopsticks... Yea, I don't really think that's the right combo, but sure, knife and chopsticks, whatever works. 

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This is how we "roll"? hahahahhaaa

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