Friday, September 25, 2009

Busy week and busy month

Starting tomorrow, it'll be my non-stop traveling month.

Ann Arbor
Salt Lake City

All within the next 3 weeks.

It's really tiring, honestly. Nothing to really be jealous about. It's traveling, but it's also work.

It's good that I'm going to be away. This would probably help me take my mind of things. I'm still struggling. Struggling to forget the history, to forget the betrayal and to forgive. I will forgive, but I won't forget. People don't change, you just need to make a conscious decision to move on.

I'm very excited to go back to Ann Arbor. It's primary for work, but the feeling of being in my old college town just thrills me. I miss it a lot. More than I expected. I never thought I'd want to go back at all. But here I am, so excited to go to AA again. At least I still have couple friends in school, and meeting up with them will probably bring back more memories... good or bad.

Ahhhh~~ Long day ahead of me tomorrow. I know it'll all be okay at the end.


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