Friday, September 18, 2009

Corpus Christi--Part I: Seafood and TexMex

Corpus Christi, Texas: a city that I used to think as just another one of those "middle-of-nowhere" town, full of Republicans and oil refinaries... Well, it may still be full of Republicans, but it's a lot more than just another costal city of Texas. It's actually... BEAUTIFUL! Now, Corpus Christi has changed my perception of Texas completely.

I know I could trust Texas for their Gulf seafood and of course, Texas-Mexican (TexMex, for those who don't know) food. I googled up best restaurants in Corpus Christi, and (with Texans accent) Weel, I caan tell y'all, they arre the beest for suore!

Water Street Oyster Bar on Water Street (duh): The yellow house is the restaurant, and the city landscape of CC is right behind it. They have another restaurant, Water Street Seafood Restaurant, right next to the Oyster bar. Same menu, just a different setting. I thought that was kind of pointless, cause the atmosphere looked and felt the same for me...

Ladies and Gentlemen, get y'all napkins out, cause y'all don't wanna drip over your computers!

Texas Pecan Crusted Fried Oysters: A Water Street signature item. Plump, deep fried oysters, battered with a Lone Star flair. Served with our homemade Creole tartar sauce. (from Menu)
Look at that bite.... omg... heaven on earth. The pecan was definitely a good touch, made the whole thing nutty and crunchier.

And if those 8 fried oysters weren't enough.... Don't worry y'all, Texas got you covered. Fresh of the Gulf raw oysters. Man, I didn't know I have missed oysters so much till I swallowed one, with a hint of lime and cocktail sauce... Man man man... These are good, but still, I would have to say New Orleans still got the best oysters... LOL, only if I could go back again, then I can blog about that marvelous trip...

Last but definitely not least!!! TexMex!!
Up here in Minnesota, not only that you don't get any fresh good seafood, you probably can't even find good Mexican food... Honestly, now I come to think of it, I have no clue what we serve in MN... Walleye maybe, which I absolutely think it's very fishy...

So, KiKo's Mexican Restaurant is the one to go. I ordered the Kiko's Special: Chicken and beef Fajitas, Chalupa, Enchiladas and whole beans on rice. Wow, that was really good. I just missed Mexican food so much. No, not those Qudoba's or the Chipolets (whose names I obviously have no idea how to spell, it is a foreign language after all) In fact, I don't think I actually know what those Spanish food names mean, like Chalupas.... I know what it is made of, but what's Chalupas?! What's that in English? mmm... maybe someone can educate me somehow.

It was definitely a big dinner, with all the beans and meat and rice, I am still gas-ing from the beans. Oh yea.

It was a nice trip, perfect weather, not too hot or humid like your usual Texas, clear sky and beautiful water. Work went well without major problems, and got to travel with fun co-workers. Still, I was definitely missing home, Minneapolis. Ahhh, it's my home.


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